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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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angie goff will have traffic in a moment. first weather first with howard. >> we have clear skies, chilly again in the 30s in washington this morning. not just the suburbs, in town we're in the 30s. we'll all need to consider thaws get ready. frost likely in a few spots. the day planner for this friday, fantastic friday. every friday is fantastic isn't it? 9:00 a.m., sunshine, 45. 51 at noon and 52 at 5:00 p.m. with highs between 51 and 56. right now 38 degrees at reagan national. sunrise at 6:55. we are looking at a couple showers north yesterday. they're gone and spotty clouds out to the west and those temperatures now in the 30s, although still in the 40s in annapolis, cambridge, southern maryland and the shenandoah valley, clouds keeping them warmer. we're down to 38. angie has your latest time saver traffic. hello everybody. happy friday. right now overall no major complaints. we do have one tie up, looking
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at the maps, a lot of the construction should be clearing out of the way. what we're dealing with 95 southbound in maryland is -- actually the bw parkway southbound in maryland between 198 and 197 that crash activity has the roadway closed. you'll want to use 95 as your alternate this morning. taking a wide view of the area, moving it over to 270 southbound out of frederick, doing fine. here are your live conditions outside from 121 toward the split, you will find your lanes wide open, no problems there. let's take you over to the beltway, the outer loop at new hampshire avenue, everyone at speed here. back to the maps, checking on travel times the inner loop in virginia from the van koren area over to the wilson bridge, eight minutes. on the outer loop the toll road to 395 it looks like we're moving at speed. and also in the green from the wilson bridge toward van doren as i mentioned earlier. new york avenue at 5:10.
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back to you. howard's forecast makes it sound like a good weekend to get out. also a good weekend not to venture anywhere near the southern half of the beltway. >> drivers should expect major delays. and thanks to -- maybe you've heard this before -- construction on the wilson bridge project. 9news now reporter kristin fisher joins us live from the project headquarters with some suggestions on avoiding what is expected to be a traffic nightmare. >> reporter: yes, good morning mike and andrea. what we're talking about is the capital beltway's outer loop right here in virginia. and we're going to be giving you everything that you need to know about the traffic delays that you might be encountering this weekend. we'll be doing that throughout the morning. first i want to introduce you to chris, the project engineer for this wilson bridge project, the group that is going to be doing all of this construction. thank you for being with us so early this morning. i know you're going to have a
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late night tonight. >> yes. >> reporter: chris, let me ask you real quick, what are the nuts and bolts of what you all are going to be doing this weekend that drivers need to watch out for? >> the goal this weekend is to put traffic by sunday evening, to put them on the new outer loop alignment. what's going to involve this weekend is we'll be closing down at 8:00 p.m. the outside lane on the outer loop and that's going to keep traffic will not be able to exit to huntington avenue, north kings highway, or telegraph road north and south. at 11:00 p.m. we will close the additional lane and through traffic will be on the inside lane. >> reporter: okay. >> and the only way to get to huntington and north kings and telegraph will be to detour through the route one interchange. >> reporter: essentially which lanes are open and closed, that will be changing throughout the
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weekend and it starts at 8:00 tonight and lasts until sunday evening? >> sunday evening, that's right. >> reporter: chris, thank you so much for being with us. chris will be with us throughout the morning. right now we are actually going to pack up and head to this construction zone right now to hopefully give you all a bit better feel of exactly what you can expect to see this weekend. we'll pack up, we'll see you in a half hour. back to you. thank you, kristin. police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on the baltimore-washington parkway. this crash happened about 1:00 this morning in the southbound lanes. u.s. park police shut down the parkway just north of route 197. that exit there. one person died in the crash. police say the driver stayed on the scene, however a tour bus, which swerved to avoid the accident wound up stuck in the mud in the median. this morning doctors are treating some victims of a late night fire in northwest washington. officials say their crews rescued six people from a
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burning building in kennedy street, pulling two out of windows and one off the roof. the building houses a church, businesses and apartments. d.c. fire and ems spokesperson says three people suffered serious smoke inhalation. smoke detectors were working and alerted residents to the fast moving fire. no word yet on its cause. metro is blaming wednesday's incident at farragut north nation on above ground vdot construction. passengers standing on the red line station say they could hear the jack hammer hammering above on connecticut avenue. they kept hearing the noise getting closer and closer until a chunk of the station's ceiling fell. >> the door was open right in front, it dropped directly behind me. we had angels watching over us. >> apparently nobody was hit. craig powell nearly got hit. metro shut down the station for five hours to check for structural damage. we are awaiting word from metro on a document on their own
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website. it shows an $11 million budget request for track maintenance and to fix two steele ceiling beams at the farragut north station. we've asked metro to let us know if that work was done. we're learning more about problems with metro escalators of the 588 escalators, 10% have had brake troubles. 50 had major problems. 40 needed brakes completely replaced, ten had leakily brakes, and 16 are out of service because they're waiting for brake pads. jim graham hayes that means there could have been 50 more incidents like the one october 30th when brakes failed on an escalator, sending a few page others the hospital. the agency will start doing maintenance monthly instead of quarterly. time for another your money report this morning. >> jessica doyle is here with a review of the wall street. we love our cars obviously. >> it was looking good gm's ipo
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in focus. wall street liking the look of del's earnings after the bell. sail we're seeing shares up 6% in after hours trade. that follows a great day. the gm ipo, a rise in manufacturing activity, that the market liked and hopes that ireland will resolve its debt crisis. that relieved pressure. the dow starting this morning at 11,181. it finished up 173 points. the nasdaq was up by 38 points and the s&p 500 was up by 18 points. the senate has voted to delay a massive cut in medicare paper. doctors agreeing to keep the pay levels until december 31st. if the house goes along, congress would stave off a 23% cut in doctor's pay to take effect december 31st. doctors have been threatening to stop taking new medicare patients if the cut went through. and republicans in the house have blocked to extend a bill that would extend jobless
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benefits for the long-term unemployed beyond the holiday season. an extension of jobless benefits enacted last summer set to expire on the first of december. unless its renewed, 2 million people will lose benefits two weeks before christmas. it will be interesting when we see this power changing hands in the house to see what happens with the extensions of these benefits. medicare, jobless, to see how that plays out politically. >> as we reported nancy pelosi is going to try to reintroduce it, we'll see if it actually goes through. >> what do you have in the next half hour? it is the holiday shopping season. ready, set, shop, the deals of the day. in time for the cold weather, we'll give you a deal on coats you'll want to hear about. thank you. coming up police find what they feared actually in the disappearance of an ohio family. an afghanistan timetable is on president obama's agenda at today's nato summit. and hundreds of residents in one high rise building launch a lost minute effort to keep
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their beloved building engineer from being deported.
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5:10. we are chilly this morning. clear to partly cloudy out there. 30s and 40s, grab the coats and gloves. we're going to have a decent day, a cooler day. sunshine, 46 by 9:00. 51 at noon. northwest wind around five to ten, southwest this evening under clear skies at 5:00 p.m., 52. i'll see you at 5:15 with the full forecast for the weekend. hello northeast, inbound new york avenue, drivers are at speed from washington times building to bladensburg boulevard. the latest on the bw parkway next and the lane closures there at 5:18. thank you. making news at 5:10 a brutal ending to the disappearance of
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a family from ohio. >> police have found the bodies of a mother, her young son and a family friend who all disappeared earlier this month. the bagged remains were found inside a hollowed out tree. the mother's 13-year-old daughter was found alive last week, bound and gagged in the basement of the suspect's home. investigators say the man linked to the crime helped them find the bodies. the house ethics committee is recommending censure for congressman charles rangel after finding the democrat guilty of a slew of financial and fund raising misconduct incidents. a censure is the worst house punishment other than expulsion. the full house will vote after thanksgiving. this morning, president obama will arrive in lisbon, portugal after a late night departure from the white house. world leaders are expected to focus on finding a way out of afghanistan at the nato summit. tomorrow nato will talk with russia about a planned missile defense system in eastern europe.
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after serious improvement the bridge will stay on at maryland. at 5:31, how the wilson bridge work could make drivers miserable. and at 5:40 the new coin you could soon see in your pocket. it's 5:12, you're watching 9news now. leave hair healthy. while 5 moisturizers selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue.
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good morning, coming up on 5:15, welcome back to 9news now. howard bernstein is here with the forecast, another good weekend. we've been on a role. this will be number seven if i'm counting correctly. >> this is the first weekend in october we had rain on a sunday. since then we've been going, going, going. if you have outdoor plans do it this weekend. there are signs next weekend look rather cold around here. we're talking 30s and 40s for highs next weekend. let's not get ahead of ourselves. your bus stop forecast, we have 30s and 40s right now. a couple areas may dip into the upper 20s before the sunrises, and that will not happen until 6:55. the sunset is 4:52 this afternoon. sister that when you're planning on what to do today. the day planner for this friday, lots of sunshine today. 46 at 9:00. we may see partly sunny, mostly sunny throughout the day.
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noon 51, 3:00, 53. by 6:00 p.m., partly cloudy and 50. winds northwest to southerly late at five to 8 miles per hour. temperatures 30s in a lot of spots. we don't have any real 20s, 40s on the coast, except for atlantic city. they're four. even reagan national 38. bethesda 35, reston, 33. herndon , 35. thank you, mr. hack there. 39 at andrews air force base, columbia 40. gaithersburg 37 degrees. fort belvoir is 33. 38 at national. light southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. the humidity is 86% and partly cloudy skies to start your day. we are looking at showers and snow showers yesterday and this morning across new york state and pennsylvania. around here some spotty clouds moving in this northwesterly flow with high pressure dominating the ohio and
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tennessee valleys and it will continue to control our weather through the day with sunshine and really a fairly nice day, albeit on the cool side with highs between 51 and 56. tonight back in the 30s and 40s. for saturday the front comes here late in the day. ahead of it, we'll be mild. temperatures 60ish. sunday this front will be south of us. it will once again be in the low to mid 50s. football forecast, playoff games going on. temperatures at 7:00, down into the mid-40s, lower 40s toward the end of the game. fortunately winds will not be too strong. a chilly evening for football and d.c.high the place to go for updates. temperatures today will be in the low to mid 50s. 60 is tomorrow. rake the leaves, go to the maryland terrapins game. and help the homeless walk in the morning, fine but chilly. sunday 54. monday 62. rain moves in late tuesday into
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thanksgiving eve. it is 5:17. here's angie. appreciate it, howard. happy friday, everybody. overall we are in the green outside across the region. a wide view of the area, a lot of the construction has cleared out of the area. as we go to our graphics if we can, that would be great, the bw parkway, let's take you over to the roadway here southbound. we're losing all lanes between 197 and 198 because of ongoing crash activity investigation. it's a fatal accident, they could be there for some time. 66 eastbound, all of your lanes are wide open outside. no problems to report. making your way inside the beltway. taking you back to the graphics, i want to show you the outer loop is in the green from 95 to 270. no problems on d.c. 295 as well. the dulles toll road incident free. still ahead in your next traffic report, we're checking the outer loop in maryland. we have live conditions for you at 5:25. now back to you. thank you, angie. hundreds of people in north
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bethesda high rise are signing on to a cause. >> they are trying to keep their maintenance man from being deported. and word has spread, crews from telemundo, crews are interviewing marco rua. he came here legally from peru, roads from a nonenglish speaking janitor and rose to the head maintenance man. his petition for permanent residency has been declined. >> they come crying and saying we love you, you are like my son. you are like my brother. stuff like that. >> i can keep crying all day, that's what i do. it's a great community. i love it. >> within hours 300 residents signed a petition in support of rua and they contributed thousands to his legal fund. they hope it's not too late though. one local basketball team losses it's first game of the
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year. >> but was it georgetown? in a big upset. highlights in sports. before we head to break, the question of the morning. >> a recent survey suggests 36% of the country will use this to make their holiday shopping easier, is it a, facebook; b, a mobile application; or c, the internet? put your choice on your facebook page. we'll discuss it in a little bit. keep it here.
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5:23 this friday morning. grab the jackets, we're starting in the 30s and 40s by 9:00, we'll have clear to partly cloudy skies. 46 in town. everybody should be in the low to mid-40s except for oakland and garrett county, they'll be in the 30s. by noon lots of sunshine, a chill still around, 51. 49 for andrews and 48 in martinsburg. and this afternoon we'll be back to 52 and generally clear skies as you head home at 5:00 p.m. thank you, howard. there will not be a coaching change in maryland football next season. two local basketball teams try to stay undefeated. here is brett with your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. gary williams lay awake in his new york hotel room sweating through two pair of pajamas because no doubt he did the math. maryland lost a fourth ranked pitt by nine points last night in a game in which they missed
5:24 am
16 free throws. at madison square garden were 13 for 40. >> terps down three, with 12 minutes to go. hard to the rack, gets fowled. tied the game at 46. the terps never could take the lead in the second half. woodall, gorgeous pass to gilbert brown. terps fall 79-70 their first loss of the year. meanwhile down in charleston, it was the opposite sort of shooting day for georgetown. the hoyas hit 14 three-pointers against coastal carolina. they hit the same number of three-pointers that maryland hit free throws, 13 out of 40. hoyas win by 19. meanwhile, big news from maryland football yesterday. the school announcing ralph region will return as the head coach next year. maryland was two and ten last
5:25 am
year. they are seven and three under him now. it was thought he may give way to offensive coordinator james franklin next year, but he will not. for all of you who waited on line last night to see the new harry potter movie, i'm moody. have a great friday. great look. drivers, be aware of the beltway, that's for anyone heading close to the wilson bridge this weekend. d.c. firefighters spring into action to help people trapped in a burning building. now angie. >> we are looking live at the outer loop at coalsville road, a minute commute, still ahead the drive out of frederick at 5:30. tgif, everybody you're watching 9news now.
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thank you fore-joining us i'm mike hydeck. han gee will have traffic. there is plenty of traffic. we'll start with howard. >> we'll have a cold start to the day, a decent day and another good weekend. there is a lot of good news coming out of the weather department. more good news than the traffic department. let's get you going with a look at the day planner, don't blame angie, she's just the messenger. 38 in washington, 45 by 9:00, 51 at noon. sunshine, a couple clouds here and there. mostly sunny today. by 5:00 p.m., 52 after stopping out at 54. satellite and radar clouds are north and west of town with temperatures running into the 30s to lower 40s. culpeper 43, national 38, 30 oakland. i'll have the weekend details in a few minutes. happy friday, so glad you
5:30 am
could join us early on. overall no real complaints out there. here are conditions across the map as we focus in the bw parkway here. we do have the roadway closed. this is an ongoing fatal accident investigation between 197 and 198. you can use 95 as an alternate early this morning. a wider view of the area, moving to 270, southbound right now, it looks like no incidents, no accidents, just a little volume starting to build around that germantown area. over to the travel times, we want to show you southbound d.c. 295, headed towards 295 about five minutes there. d.c. 295 down toward the beltway, seven minutes. and it looks like you're doing good overall when it comes to our travel speeds. i'll send it back to you. we'll be looking at 95 in virginia at 5:39. thank you, angie. we'll see you in a little bit. police are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash, we were just talking about it on the baltimore-washington parkway. the crash angie was telling us
5:31 am
about happened in the southbound lanes before route 197. police say a man was working on a disabled vehicle when another car struck and killed him. the striking driver remained at the scene. things got more complicated when a tour bus swerved to avoid the collision and found up stuck in the muddy median. accident reconstruction teams are at the scene right now. police are diverting traffic around the crash. plan accordingly this will be a hang up for a while. d.c. firefighters rescued at least six people from a burning building in northwest last night including one person from the roof. the building on kennedy street houses a church, some businesses and some apartments. the smoke detectors did work. d.c. fire and ems spokesperson says three people suffered serious smoke inhalation. no word on a cause so far. you may want to avoid the wilson bridge area this weekend. crews are trying to squeeze in more construction before the thanksgiving holiday. and that could lead to some
5:32 am
huge backups. 9news now reporter kristin fisher joins us live from alexandria with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. we have just arrived at the construction zone for this wilson bridge project, but these are the outer lanes of the capital beltway here in virginia. we're actually standing on what are going to be the new outer lanes. we'll get a run down of exactly what's going on with this construction project. joining me how chris, the project engineer. chris, it's kind of confusing for people who don't really understand all of these lanes, how it works. break it down for me. what are we looking at right here? >> what we're look at, traffic on the outer loop toward you, we will be closing the outside lane and access as you can see right here to telegraph road from the outer loop. everybody is going to end up having to detour to get to telegraph, huntington, and north king to go down to route one.
5:33 am
the ramp, as you see in the background there, for the split that will be closed off until probably late morning saturday. >> reporter: so essentially starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight, the rightmost lane right here that we're looking at here, just over here, the rightmost lane is going to be shut down and then around sometime saturday morning the second lane will be shut down as well? >> no, actually the first lane will be shut down at 8:00 p.m. tonight, 11:00 p.m. tonight we take the second lane. and at 8:00 p.m. all ramps are going to be closed to telegraph and huntington and what have you. it won't be open backup until late morning saturday. >> reporter: okay. >> we'll give them to two lanes saturday and hold the third lane closed until probably late sunday evening. >> reporter: the bottom line is if you can avoid this area at all this weekend, you're going to want to do just that. the real rough times for the
5:34 am
construction project will be from 11:00 p.m. tonight until about noon on saturday. so you'll really want to avoid this area during that point in time. the good news everything should be back to normal in time for the morning rush on monday. back to you. fingers crossed on that one, thank you, kristin. 5:34 now. later this morning, jurors will star the third day of deliberations in the chandra levy murder case. they have spent 11 hours considering evidence on whether ingmar guandique is guilty of murder. he is accused of killing levee township thousand one. her remains were found a year litany two prince george's county police officers accused in a corruption scandal will remain in federal custody. hearings have been postponed. the two are accused of an alleged scheme to smuggle untaxed cigarettes and alcohol for ticktock liquors in langly
5:35 am
park. the officers prosecutors say paid bribes to unnamed officials. the hearing is december 7th. you probably expect college co-eds to have an occasional guest overnight, right? students just want their guests to leave though. that's because their dorms are crawling with bed bugs. the school says six rooms are affected, but a university spokeswoman says four cases have already been treated and the treatments on the other two will be finished next week. gw says it has had two dozen bed bug cases within the last three years or so. it's time for another your money report. jessica doyle is back. new developments in the bernie madoff fraud case. >> we've had more arrests in the largest fraud in history. prosecutors have charged two long time employees for bernie madoff in alleged v in the ponzi scheme. >> they say the two women executed trades in the accounts of wealthy clients but only on
5:36 am
paper. of course madoff is currently serving 150 year sentence in federal prison after admitting he operated a $20 billion fraud. the government may owe you a lot of money. the irs says it has almost $5 million in unclaimed federal tax income for maryland, d.c. and virginia. the irs says most were undelivered because people moved. here's a look at the average refund check. in the district almost $1600. that could be owed to you. now in maryland, $1300 in virginia about $1000. you can find out if you're due a refund by logging on to and clicking on consumer. ready, set, shop. and here are the deals of the day in time for the cold weather, dick's sporting goods is discounting north face down jackets $149, that deal ends today. act fast. jc penny on the spot savings through saturday. you can take ten or $15 off purchases, get $25 off dog or
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welcome back, a cold morning out here on the weather terrace. a little breeze, temperatures in the 30s, gloves, jackets. if you'll be outside you might want a scarf. the day planner on this friday morning, partly to mostly sunny. 45 by 9:00, 51 at noon, 53 by 3:00 and by 6:00 p.m., down to 50. here's angie with time saver traffic. thank you, howard. right now we are finding our lanes open in virginia, on 95 headed northbound out of fredricksburg, up toward the mixing bowl. in your next traffic report coming up we will have a look at 395 and at that trip toward the 14th street bridge at 5:47. thank you. we'll see you in a little bit. tomorrow pope benedict the 16th will elevate washington bishop donald wherl to
5:41 am
cardinal. he left for the vatican and he and other cardinal designates are meeting privately with the pope for a day of discussion and prayer. it's the first timecard untiles around the world will discuss the sex abuse case by priests with the pope. the united states mint will introduce the abraham lincoln $1 coin. this is the latest in the series of presidential $1 coins. the reason its put out today, abraham lincoln delivered the gettysburg address on november 19th, 1863, 147 years ago today. president obama will be working on an exit strategy for afghanistan at the nato summit in portugal. the maryland nature center checks the health of exotic animals stolen out of their delicately balanced environment. here's a check and who is looking at a birthday today. media mogul, testified ted
5:42 am
turner is 72. calvin klein is 68. meg ryan 49. a two time oscar winner, this american actress began in commercials at age three, jodi foster is 38. redskins quarterback deangelo hall is 27. it's 5:42. happy birthday to you if it's your day.
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welcome back to 9news now, 5:45. howard bernstein is here. we love friday. you will love his forecast for the weekend. >> if you have leaves to collect do it this weekend. next weekend you will not want to be outside. looking cold after thanksgiving. bus stop forecast, it's cold right now. i was down on the weather terrace, there is a definite chill out there. 30 in the cold spots to low 40s in the warm spots this morning. clear to partly cloudy skies. and our sunrise doesn't take
5:46 am
place until 6:55. around 4:52 on the sunset. our day planner, partly sunny to mostly sunny, northwest winds at seven. northwest winds at six. by noon, 51. i'm forecasting a high today of 54. by 4:00 p.m., 53. winds turning west eastern southwesterly by 8:00. down in the 40s tonight. we have high school football games, bundle up for that. here we go this morning 36 in college park, andrews is 39. we've got a chill, 42 in haymarket, that's a warmer reading. arlington 38. fort belvoir is 33. mason neck 35. bay den 34. columbia 33 degrees. the winds have been light out of the southwest at six. there is a slight wind chill this morning. the humidity is 86%. inside, 20, 25% when you heat it up. cold in the country in great
5:47 am
falls. look at the white in parts of southwestern canada. that's temperatures in the teens, single digits, below zero. we'll start talking about the cold as we go through the next week because the jet stream at the moment is here. it's going to start to dip this way and come out. all the cold in canada will be pouring down right after thanksgiving. in the short term though we're in good shape. a couple snow showers in new york state and we will see high pressure control our weather today and tonight and tomorrow. so good stuff coming for the week. chilly again on sunday. your friday football forecast, that temperature is expected to be inned mid-40s game time start. and lower 40s toward 9:00. temperatures falling decently. as we look at the weekend, cool today 54. milder tomorrow 60. sunday 54. we have the homeless walk tomorrow morning. monday we're back to 62. look at tuesday in the 60s, wet and cooler wednesday into
5:48 am
thanksgiving. 5:47. here's time saver traffic. good morning, everybody. it looks like right now most of the region checking out mighty fine this morning as we look at the wide map here across virginia, d.c. and maryland. we want to go ahead and show you the conditions out here. slowing down out on part of the beltway. overall the major incident we're following would be the bw parkway accident. a fatality confirmed out here southbound has the road closed between 197 and 198. use 95 as your alternate. in virginia a closer look at 395 zooming in, i want to show you northbound outside tracking the trip. it looks like no major delays from the beltway toward duke street and approaching that 14th street bridge. back to the maps, i want to show you our real time graphics as far as travel times are concerned. 66 eastbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway only taking ten minutes. your outer loop checking out
5:49 am
fine. 270 doing okay out of frederick. we're actually going to have a live shot of 270 and the conditions approaching the split. we have a little volume building. that's in your next traffic report at 6:00. back to you. thank you, angie. 5:49. days after really an exhausting and somewhat disappointing trip to asia, president obama is heading back overseas right now. >> we have live pictures now, this is air force one touching down at the airport in lisbon. he is attending a two day nato summit in portugal. topping the agenda, the war in afghanistan. whit johnson reports. >> reporter: president obama is dozens of world leaders are expected to open today's nato summit with a way out of afghanistan. the military alliance is set to endorse a plan that would begin to bring home tens of thousands of troops early next year. by 2014, the goal is to hand over most of the security to afghan forces. some experts fear that may be too soon. >> unfortunately, afghanistan is not yet ready.
5:50 am
>> reporter: violence is at it's worst since the taliban were toppled from power in 2001. insurgents have vowed to continue stepping up their attacks. >> if the u.s. and other nato allies start withdrawing their forces, the taliban will quickly take over the whole country. >> reporter: despite the nine-year-old war's growing unpopularity, pentagon officials insist they're not rushing to the exit door. they've called the 2014 time line a target, not a deadline. >> european tensions will also be discussed at the two day summit. on saturday nato will hold it's highest level talks with russia in two and a half years. at issue, how much input the country should have in a u.s. backed missile defense system in eastern europe. >> i suspect we will get a lot of very warm feelings, but in practice the outcome is unlikely to be very significant. >> reporter: experts say russia is not full lie convinced the system won't be used against it. in fact the country has already warned if it feels threatened it could pull out of a missile
5:51 am
treaty worked out with the u.s. last year. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. making news at 5:51, 30 miners remain unaccounted for this morning in new zealand after an expose at a coal mine. the miners could be down 5000 feet below the surface. if that is the case, they will be much deeper than the chilean miners were. the fbi says dutch authorities are reviewing natalee holloway agencies dental records. the teen disappeared in aruba five and a half years ago. a tourist found a jaw bone last friday. holloway's father has heard that the bone is from a human female. animals were stolen from murray nature center. caretakers feared they may not survive being away from the center. and that carefully controlled climate there. however, they seem to be fine. now five teens are facing charges in the theft.
5:52 am
coming up on 5:52, time to answer our yes of the morning. >> in recent surveys it suggests that 36 better sent of the country will use one of these things to make their holiday shopping easier, is it a, facebook; b, mobile application; or c the internet. the answer is b, this holiday season 36% of americans plan on using a mobile app to help make their shopping experience easier. >> do you use that? >> i did. i have been in the mall using google and other applications on my phone to compare prices. maybe that's why. the man who used to direct the war in afghanistan is going to make an appearance on oh my goff. >> colin firth takes on the part of a british royal. we'll be right back. ♪
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. five minutes before the 6:00 hour. clear to partly cloudy and chilly this morning. lots of 30s and lower 40s. we will have a decent amount of sunshine today. by 9:00, low to mid-40s on the eastern shore, we're looking at mid-40s. through the lunch hour, we have sunshine, only 51. this afternoon a good deal of
5:56 am
sunshine, driving home under clear skies and 52. mike and andrea. 5:55, how do you like that? a popular montgomery ice rink has scene the light. the rockville ice rink has the largest solar system in the state. it should help control costs. it includes a large screen monitor so you can see how much electricity is being produced at any given time. >> for a nonprofit that has no other sources of revenue other than hockey programming and figure skating programming, they need to control their largest expense which is electricity. >> the rink has a membership of 1200 families. the solar panels were ready months ago but the developers say regulatory hurdles were putting the system online just got cleared. oh my goff, hundreds were rocking for the troops at the yellow ribbon fund annual gala. we caught up with general stanley mcchrystal and more.
5:57 am
>> i'm looking forward to seeing some of our service members coming back into life. i saw many of them in iraq and afghanistan over the last few years, i'm looking forward to the chance to thank them personally and their families. >> they provide tickets to ball games, put on picnics, they do all the things that the government can't do. >> and that was face the nation's bob schierer on the end, talking about the yellow ribbon fund. it was a red tie affair at the waterford in fairfax. guests in the color celebrated devotion to children eighth annual gala. this year's donors raised $60,000, to provide health care, day care and education services for needy families in the area. remember i want your event, pictures and videos to share here on the air. visit my blog
5:58 am
you can post pictures and ideas on my facebook page at colin firth stars in a new film with a would be king with a frustrating disability. the actor talked about playing the royal and whether it is his time for on as car. >> i'm your king. >> prince albert is the future king of england, not bad, except for one big problem. >> that is saint edward's chair. >> he has a terrible samer. in the king's speech colin firth portrays the prince from the 1930s who developed a stutter who was an embarrassment to himself and the royal family. >> firth said he was careful not to make him seem ridiculous. >> you have to engage with this person's agony really and you have to not compromise in
5:59 am
showing the extreme discomfort and pain that causes people, people around him as well. >> it's been a good year for the 51-year-old, he was nominated for a golden globe and oscar for his work in a single man. he is modest about his oscar chances for the king's speech. >> i think when people start to make projections about the awards season, they make them about far more films than will ever make it down into the final categories. >> reporter: his director and co-star are certainly fans. >> colin is nice to his core, he has tremendous humility and he was spiritually close to the real king. >> he is very, very brilliant, an amazing mind. and, just a joy and really easy. >> reporter: and perhaps oscar bound for a performance worthy of a king. >> i will stand out. i don't know how to thank you. and the


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